Monday, May 18, 2009

Farm Stand Asparagus

I have been hitting my two favorite farm stands and enjoying the fresh local asparagus and green onions.  Yumm!  It made me think of two tips I forgot to mention with the Crab Quiche recipe.

If you are looking for a use for some of your fresh asparagus, you can modify the Crab and Swiss Quiche recipe and make an Asparagus and Bacon Quiche instead.  Substitute 1 cup of chopped asparagus (lightly steamed) for the crab, and substitute black pepper for the cayenne pepper.  You can keep the green onions, or you can substitute 1/4 cup diced yellow onions.  Keep the rest of the ingredients and instructions the same.  Enjoy!

My other savory secret to share is that green onions (scallions) actually freeze very well!  If you have more than you need at the moment, go ahead and rinse and drain them.  Slice them thinly.  Lightly pat them dry with a paper towel if they still seem too moist.  Freeze them in small freezer bags.  You can pull them out of the freezer as needed, for use in soups and sauces.

Next up on Savory Secrets...  early June is strawberry season in Bucks County, PA!  Check back for my recipe for Almond Crusted Chicken with Strawberry Glaze.

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