Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Spring! (and Nutella Hot Chocolate)

Happy Spring everyone!  While I did enjoy those super warm days, I love the cooler spring weather.  I read today on the facebook page for Peace Valley Winery that the cold snap could be rough for the local farmers, though.  They said their strawberry plants should be okay, but to be concerned for the orchards with peach and cherry trees. Oh no!  I will be so sad if we can't get our local peaches and sour cherries this year!  I am praying it did not get cold enough overnight to cause any harm.

Since the weather got a little cooler, I decided to make some Nutella hot chocolate I saw online awhile ago.  I had almost given up for this year and thought it would have to wait until fall. My friend posted this idea of using a marshmallow peep in hot cocoa a year or two ago on facebook.  She said her brother owns a restaurant in the Boston area and that is where she got the idea.  I think this is the link to the restaurant: Cafe Verde.

The Nutella hot cocoa was super rich.  I enjoyed it, but if you are serving it to children, you will probably want to add more milk and sugar to taste.  I adapted it from this recipe: The Hungry Housewife's Nutella Hot Chocolate [isn't that an awesome name for a blog?]

Nutella Hot Chocolate (2 servings)
2 cups milk
1/4 cup plus 1 Tbs. Nutella
2 Tbs. unsweetened Cocoa powder
1 tsp. sugar
teeny, teeny, tiny pinch of salt

Pour all ingredients into a small sauce pan.  Whisk over medium heat until well-blended and hot.  Pour into mugs.  Top with marshmallow peep (optional, but so cute!).

You can use a chocolate mousse bunny if you prefer!

Hopefully I will have a post up soon to recap my twin boys 2nd birthday party.  We had the party this past Saturday and I am still recovering!  It was lots of fun to plan, but I am exhausted.