Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Local Treasure: Bolton Farm Market - Silverdale, PA

Many of my former customers have mentioned they miss the meats and poultry that I used at my business, and have asked if they can purchase these products anywhere else.  I do not believe the vendors sell to retail establishments, but I mentioned that if I found any good local sources I would pass them on.  I happen to live close to Bolton Farm Market in Silverdale, PA, and I highly recommend them!

Bolton Farm Market is known for their Thanksgiving turkeys, which are excellent, but they carry so much more than that.  It is worth a stop if you are in the area!  Bolton's also carries other turkey products such as:  turkey breast cutlets, ground turkey, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, and turkey hot dogs.  They now also carry their own whole chickens and whole chicken breasts, and Black Angus beef (various cuts of steaks as well as ground beef).  All of their poultry and beef are raised there on the farm, and are not fed any anti-biotics or growth hormones.  Bolton's also carries in-season local produce and Penn View Dairy bottled milk (also no anti-biotics or growth hormones).  I have personally tried almost all of these items and found them to be of excellent quality.  It also feels good to be supporting a local family business.

I have noticed that they seem to have more of a selection on Fridays (many choices of fresh Black Angus steaks as well as frozen, for example) and there has also been a Mennonite baker there on Fridays this summer, selling many kinds of delicious pies, cookies, whoopie pies, etc.  Visit for more information and hours of operation.

Check back later this month for a Pick Your Own Blueberries account and for the recipe for my favorite Crab Cakes!

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